By purchasing any Body Butter by Daarina products, you understand and accept that any of the listed ingredients, such as essential oils may cause sensitivity in susceptible individuals and that Body Butter by Daarina cannot be held responsible for any occurrences. Body butters are sensitive to extreme weather conditions and should be stored in a cool, dry place. If product should melt, place in refrigerator for solidifying. For external use only.

Q: How should I store the butter?

A: store in a cool, dry place to keep butter at a solid consistency 

Q: How Do I know if ingredients in products are safe for me?

A: Assuring that you read all ingredients on the label listed will let you know what you can put on your skin based on your judgment

Q: Why is the butter so oily?

A: Because of the natural butters and oils in the product, the first application to the skin can seem overwhelming, but no worries! Give it a few minutes and the butter disappears into the epidermis, producing soft, moisturized skin!

Q: Can I use the butter as a facial moisturizer?

A: Absolutely! Some would be doubtful of using an oil on the face (like I once was), so the suggested use for using butter as a moisturizer would be before bed at night so that the butter has a chance to work into the skin, preferably after washing the skin so that moisture is sealed in.

Q: What are the benefits of body butter?

A: Body butter has many benefits, including vitamins, fighting skin aging, helps with stretch marks and dark spots, and most importantly, helps with dry skin!

Q: Why does my body butter feel different than the last jar I purchased?

A: Because the butter is homemade, the consistency tends to vary, it sometimes may seem 'grainy' from the way it sets after melting down. But not to worry! after melting the butter into hands, it will still apply to the skin all the same, has the same benefits, and sometimes have an exfoliating effect!



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